The DR Army: Her name…. Sally She has 8 kids and has slept with atleast all of the homeless drug users at memorial park, she talks shit online about anyone who puts her in her place and she has been ran through more times than any single person in Oshawa, every other day she is in a new relationship with the “love of her life” and introduces random men to her children. Her house is covered in filth and dog feces yet she stands on statements about others claiming she is better than them. She extorts men for money and uses women’s photos online to make money and pose as them. She consistently posts nude bath photos of herself online to gain attention and she parties with her kids, does drugs with them, and is constantly wasted. It’s amazing to me how this trash bag still has her children let alone is responsible for taking care of one who is disabled. Oshawa needs to know about this STI infested scum before she spreads more open sores to others.

Mike: Aint no way the last 3 pics are the same person

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