The DR Army: This woman lied about her ex-husband in a post in AWDTSG and killed him two days later. She’s in jail!

I guess she didn’t exactly get the right “support” she really needed. I haven’t read the comments but who knows maybe they egged her to do something violent. I have seen that hundreds of times.

Too bad for Paola. I guess there is some evidence about how horrible these groups are 😏. Stories are coming out everywhere, now that the news is out about how horrible AWDTSG is. That is why the Chicago man ALREADY won.

Maybe you AWDYSG lovely ladies with start to understand your going down. You have no idea all the other very serious lawsuits that are about to come out. I can’t spoil the fun 😉.

Now enjoy the feeling you of dread about what’s going to happen, just like your male victims.

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