The DR Army: This b*tch likes to spread herpies knowing she has it and likes spitting at kids while she’s in an outbreak her and her boyfriend both touched her mans kid inappropriately while under drug influence

Cas was notified as the dad (Steven beckstead) is known to mole*t young children

Rayven and her mother (Michelle mills) tried to kidnap my son and refused to give him back to me unless I have them money so they could buy drugs

Rayven constantly cheats on her boyfriend and tries to force every girls boyfriend into a three way relationship with her and her man

She’ll get you in a relationship with her then give you herpes and blame you for it

She had to trap her boyfriend with a baby to make him stay with her he was so done with her he would sleep with other women at my boyfriend’s apartment becuase he couldn’t stand her anymore

Constantly talks bad about her to my man and unfortunately I have to listen to it all becuase I live there for most of the time

Rayven ripped out some of her cats whiskers becuase the cat knocked over her drugs on the table

Rayven has no body she’s a girl in a boys body and is an amature at anything sexual she’s jealous of how loyal my man is to me lol

She likes to make her man’s oldest son touch her pus*y while she films herself

Her man was caught by his son touching his daughter innaproperatly

Rayven will acuse everybody of drug raping her when she’s the one doing it to other people

She forces people into a three way relationship with her so her man disent leave her she was charged with assault and theft stay away if you don’t want STDs

Mike: Need a newer ring doorbell

49 thoughts on “Ray Ray the herp god”

  1. Victim of the Ray Ray

    Hey that’s the one that gave it to me

    Can definitely confirm she has herps

    She took my virginity but also took my innocence by posioning me with her disease !!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. She looks like she does meth but it’s probably just the untreated herpes turmoil. Stay far far away because even if you don’t know her she will call you a rapist.

  3. The Ray Ray stole my innocence

    I was affected by the Ray Ray in 2022 am I eligible for compensation?

    Good question

    If you were tested positive for herpes in 2020 to 2024 after being infected by the Ray Ray you may be eligible for compensation

  4. This girl does realize she’s gonna pass this to her baby right ?????????? How irresponsible as a parent to infect an innocent child

    She probably spread her disease to her mans kids too the health unit show make people aware of this individual

    She’s spreading herpes everywhere

    She caused the Hastings county herpe outbreak !!!!!!!! We are in a rayven pandemic

    1. Here for the drama

      I don’t think videos lie though maybe she’s lying about some things but def not the video footage

        1. It’s one thing to just fight a bitch but why rob her ? Did she steal any of your stuff ? Why not just keep it a ass best why rob her ?

  5. oh god I totally remember this girl LMFAOOOO her mom is the biggest addict around omg her and Michelle literally look identical now that I see this picture of her this is hilarious Michelle only has one tooth but yet rayven looks like she’s following her mommy’s foot steps a theif and a carrier of STDs

    Mommy and daughter duo lol her mom has hiv and rayven has hpv!!!!!!! You can’t beat that

    Somebody make shirts with her and her mom on it lol call it mommy and daughter duo

    She’s definitely losing her baby lol

      1. Friendly fishy

        Hi there ! The screenshots are very blurry but the video posted on her Facebook of whatever it is rayven is doing is actually very clear

        I think she just screenshotted parts of the video that’s why it looks like that but the video from her bfs blink camera “upstairs” did show you grabbing her hair lol

  6. someones mad their bf LEFT their abusive ass so resorts to harassment. quinn savoury is being arresed for harassing this girl so you do the math.

    1. I know her bf considering I’m her neighbour and can confirm with camera footage that man was at her house and mine looking for her two nights ago ? Y’all are crazy and I love it !!!!! That dude was here DEMAMDING to see her that’s true lol

  7. not to menion shawna willow foy is mad Rayven wouldn’t sleep with her years ago. dodged a bullet with that one. tried to swing and trade boyfriends. no thanks!!

  8. Ya, share the link, the rest of us has no idea what you are talking about. You post on here because you want other people to know right?

    1. Poster is a lying weirdo beware… only posting because she’s mad her bf left her and thinks this girl is fkng him. I’ll link you myself. Oh wait the girl had to disable all of her social media because poster is a psycho stalker. Has a history of harassing and stalking other people as well.

    2. just dragging names through the dirt because she’s mad and jealous. Anyone that knows who she’s posting about KNOWS this is a load of BS. LOL

      1. Again maybe some things she’s saying aren’t true but what about the video of you and your I’m assuming boyfriend hanging up on her in the hallways ? The video is public and it is actually very clear pictured

        You can’t deny the video that’s definitely true

        I’m sure some things your saying is true too but also some not true ! However I see the video and it’s very clear you and your man are hurting her or at least you

        You also see yourself in the video taking her purse and going through it

    3. Hi Ray Ray I wouldn’t be so fast to talk about HISTORY with police you yourself have a record A PAST aswell you and your mother are very well known I wouldn’t be pointing fingers

      I know Quinn personally and actually was the one that pointed her in the direction of the lawyer she has as he’s my lawyer aswell

      She only has harassment charges big deal

      You have much more serious charges that will probably get you in jail or probation

      Quinn will more then likely do counselling as she’s halfway through her pregnancy

      They won’t put a pregnant person in jail for harassment

      You have a violent history you probably will have an entirely different consequence then her

  9. quinn savoury is a disgusting pig jealous of this girl clearly, stop accusing everyone of being a rapist or a pedo you sick bitch.

    1. The counseling queen

      Hi Ray Ray I’m sorry the solar eclipse has affected us all in a very negative way

      I can confirm as a close neighbour and friend of ms savoury that she’s actually BEAUTIFUL

      Psycho but very beautiful

      I think you need to stop accusing her of the things you actually do yourself

      It’s hypocritical

      I saw camera footage from Dylan’s phone of you grabbing her hair so I don’t think she’s lying

      We all saw the video

      Sorry videos there’s multiple security footages

      What you see are just pictures of the video

  10. Here for all the Ray Ray drama !!!!!!!

    I’m honestly so confused but here for the drama !!!!!!!! I love it guys please keep it up

    I’m a psycho girlfriend too lol but she can’t be “that bad” if he keeps coming back to her they were both at my house (next door) won’t say what door two or three nights ago our kids are actually really close

    I’m sure some shit is true but we should be realistic we all lie when we’re mad lol come on girls !!!!!!

  11. awww nobody knows wtf ur talking about that didn’t work out the way you thought it would did it? it’s almost like everything you do backfires. Can’t claim ‘protected’ then act the way you do. The universe doesn’t like it. so sad boo hoo awww. constantly bringing up r*pe and abusing children makes me wonder.. since you project everything else. You don’t deserve children. You’re a BAD MOM.

    1. Quinn is a satanist!!!!!!!!!!

      Man don’t mess with them witchy bitches LMFAOOOO that Quin bitch did some blood ritual with her bf and made him obsessed with her I’ve seen her post some crazy things lol

      If you look at her fb she legit cutt open her hand and put her blood all over a picture of her bf!!!!!!!!

      I’ve heard of basic candle magic but that blood shit ? That some cult shit

  12. I know all about rayven LMFAOOOO she’s been charged for assault and theft and many other things just like her mother

    1. poster is a bad mom and a psycho all of this shit is lies, threaten unborn babies some more you loon. @quinn baby killer quinn has a ring to it don’t it?

  13. bahahahah trying to slander someone then getting roasted in the comments is hilarious. living for the responses eh. get a hobby. go play sims quinlynn.

    1. The psycho (me)

      I’m not the one that infected my baby 🤷‍♀️ I’m sorry but being charged with harassment is nothing compared to being charged with theft and assault lol to be honest “karma” is real and my karma was getting charged with harassment yours was theft and assault did you see me getting charged for what I actually did ? Lol pretty sure I decked your bf for constantly sexually harassing me as in everyday sexual disgusting remarks about my body

      If the universe was on YOUR SIDE I’m sure it would’ve worked out much differently

      Tbh I didn’t know I had a warrant lol 😂 the opp had my damn email ffs no call nor email

      HOWEVER yes I did get charged with harassment but again NOT ARRESTED nor did I hide I only found out yesterday and all they did was give me a September court date big whoop I have the best lawyer in Belleville that literally deals with murder I’m sure he can handle harassment LMFAOOOO

      if I’m a bad mother why do I have full custody and full decision making of my baby ? I’m not the one with cas you guys are

      You reported your man for beating you and Julian whitnessed it

      I’m sorry but I can confidently say yes I am protected lol becuase anything I ever begged for and manifested has always came to me and I’m actually really good with rituals 😉❤️ even if it temporarily left my life it ALWAYS ALWAYSSSSSSSSSS crawls back my man and I are legit blood binded/sex ritual NEVER LEAVING!!!!!! 😂💋

      Sorry Ray Ray we’re sister in law !!!!!! Xo

      They don’t put pregnant women in jail nor would they put somebody in jail for harassment

      I think you should get more knowledge on how the universe works in your favour becuase believe it or not it did go in my favour

      Iin some way it always no matter what works out for me

      Maybe with a few consequences or different outcomes but I always get it lol

      I would’ve left everything alone if it was just a fight

      But no you thought robbing me was justified so yeah sorry lol

  14. quinn did this shit to her ex too making a fake account on facebook and saying disgusting things under peoples childrens photos and doxxing his address so people would go to his house to fight with him. doesn’t sound like ‘love’ to me sounds abusive. move on.

    1. The psycho (me) responding to Ray Ray

      You know nothing lol 😂 clearly not everything Dylan says is true if he keeps crawling back to me right ? He gave out my address when we fought too ! Here’s rayven with the hypocritical side again !!!!!!! Actually he gave out my address to you too ! We both did it to each other you know it’s not just me it’s BOTH of us that hurt each other which is why we ALWAYS stay together becuase we both always realize we’re in the wrong 🙄 you and Steven NEVER have to understand OUR RELATIONSHIP becuase it’s not your relationship to understand judge all you want but that man always comes back to me regardless of the things he says to you about me becuase he only says it out of anger when he’s mad ! Your the one that looks dumb believing what he says when he’s mad but yet after believing him where is he ? Right back with me

      I could say shit about you guys too and say “that’s not love” but noooooo I just wanted you to mind your fuckin business you knew from the beginning I was 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪 PSYCHOOOOOOO at least I can admit it

      Nothing you say or any opinion will ever tear apart my relationship with him

      Everything I’ve done to him he’s done to me but who fuckin cares bitch it’s our relationship not yours

      Mind your own relationship!!!!!!!!

      I blew this us becuase you went through my wallet

      Did I steal your shit ? Did I break any of your shit ? Or stevens shit ?????? Did I ever steal his shit ? No you are the one that went extra by robbing me you could’ve just fought me

    2. The psycho (me) responding to Ray Ray

      You will never be in any position to ever tell anybody what love sounds like or looks like lol your relationship wasn’t always perfect with Steven stop being hypocritical he comes back to me becuase he wants to you can’t tell either of us how we feel about each other 🙃 mind your own weeiner

    3. Beating my face while drunk struggling with alcoholism is also abusive but do I put all faults into him ? Nope lol 😂 you can NEVER make me feel like I’m the only one that has abusive ways LMFAOOOO again hypocrite that man loves me

  15. The sims ❤️🙃

    If that man didn’t love me he wouldn’t of turned his back on his best friend by sending me all your dirt all the recorded camera footage etc I’m sorry but he only runs to you when he’s mad at me which never lasts long clearly lol 😂 nobody said you have to understand my life or my relationship

    It’s not about my relationship it’s about my wallet MY BURGER MONEY !!!!!!!!!! You literally fought me the day I took abortion pills 🙄 couldn’t even stand up I’m sorry but my bloody legs weren’t from you if I’m soooooo scared of you why would I swing on you first you legit kicked my stomach after I had came home from my appointment with my doctor which is why Dylan lost it on Steven MUCH more to the story then you just coming to fight me you could’ve waited until I could at least walk without almost puking from the pain I was in and I’m sorry LMFAOOOOO like I said I wouldn’t left it alone if you didn’t rob me but stealing money from me days before my kids birthday no way was I keeping quiet over that

  16. The sims ❤️🙃

    I missed this website I forgot about it ugh !!!!!!!! Thank you for making me dirty famous ray ray I went more viral then your only fans !!!!!!!!! Seems like a lot of the things I’ve done and accused people of youve done too hmmmmmm can’t be a hypocrite forever !!!!!!! I still cannot believe your trying to make my harassment charge bigger then your charges ?????????!!!!!!!! I can admit what accounts are mine I NEVER and would never use the word still born I’d be a hypocrite like you if I did

    Yup I definitely said some crazy voodoo shit and body shame just like her to me but never said anything about a stillborn 🤷‍♀️ regardless who cares just wanted to get my part out where you could’ve fought me when I wasn’t bleeding like a bitch!!!!!!

    I guess Quinn the baby killer does sound good LMFAOOOO considering we’re discussing MY ABORTION girl fuck you I’m not a hypocrite I have no shame becuase I can admit to my psycho shit can you ? No never you never will anyways goodnight thank you for the laughs

  17. The sims ❤️🙃 last comment

    Anybody that truly knows me (Quinlynn) knows I’m a HUGEEEEEEEEEEEEE hypochondriac when it comes to my health it’s actually retarded!!!!!!!!!

    I’m extremely regular with basic checkups for my basic health etc when it comes to my health it’s actually crazy

    so to respond to rayvens post just defending myself here lol 😂 not like I care “too” much becuase the people that know me and love me know how I am when it comes to my health I have NEVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR had an std I’ve only slept with the same man for over a year now almost two and I’m sorry but we both are clean I’ve never had to take antibiotics for anything other then bladder infections and utis shit like that unless a yeast infection falls under the std category lol I’m sorry but I’m pretty sure all women have had those three things or at least one of them in their lives

    I’ve NEVER cheated on any of my boyfriends other then a dude I “dated” in high school y’all are forgetting I’m only 22 turning 23 lol haven’t had many boyfriends!!!!!!! My bf knows I’ve never cheated becuase for one I never leave leave his apartment two he’s psycho like me and has cameras on in his apartment while he’s at work 3 we’re together pretty much 24/7 and if we’re not we video chat

    I’ve done some unforgiving things to him just like he did to me !!!!!!! But never cheated I can put that on our sons life sorry but that will and can never be used on me

    Use anything else but cheater never lol I commit babe 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪

    I also never threatened her baby I 1000000000 percent said crazy shit but that specific thing no not me sorry 🤷‍♀️ when you have a following and open account the way she does anybody could do that just to instigate

    I’ve never hurt a animal I’ve had two pets since having my own place and both are spoiled fucking rotten and treated like literal babies

    Last part

    My house is never to the point that she describes it to be the only thing she has on me when it comes to a dirty home is when my bf and I were going through literal fist fighting domestics and I had a swollen face for two weeks yes I didn’t clean the whole two weeks becuase I was sore as fuck and couldn’t even open my eyes ?????????!!!!!!!!!! So after I left his place to cool down and heal her and her bf helped clean the apartment becuase for one my man was going through an insane change in his job stressing from said changes 2 he was also struggling with his addiction and it was overall a shitty situation

    My place which I hardly ever stay at is always beautiful and decorated and clean I’m sorry but these two know I struggle with mental health issues and I actually kept a lot of the comments towards my body they’ve made about me etc to myself until I finally blew up and went insane becuase trust me there were so many comments made……. To the point where I didn’t eat for days becuase of how bad they made me feel

    They know I use my bfs gaming monitor to play whatever game on there and they know when I’m on it becuase it tells them what game your on etc constantly calling me fat but yet I’m 6 months pregnant ffs 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 even before I got pregnant I was never fat

    They constantly body shame me you can only keep the psycho in for so long lol

  18. Pretty sad rayven has to steal my comments LMFAOOOO everything I’ve thrown at her and said about her she says about me like come up with new shit LMFAOOOO

    1. Your right ,

      but I can at least admit when I’m wrong can she ? Never,

      why not just fight me ? Why rob me days before my sons birthday ?

      Nobody can ever make me feel like I’m the only one wrong I know I’m wrong but I’ll never allow anybody to make me believe I’m the only issue becuase I’m not

      When she backs off I will

      She will never has any interference over my relationship I’m unsure why she thinks she does lol

      Did I ever rob her ? Break her stuff ? No she didn’t need to do that to me she can go far I can too
      She should of left it as a fight she didn’t need to go as far as she did and steal from me and my child

      I have zero issue going separate ways with this girl and leaving her alone but everytime I go on my bfs computer she can’t help but say something about my body or about me

      Until she stops attempting to interfere with my relationship I’m not stopping sorry

      She’s not innocent she can’t mind her own relationship nor keep comments to herself why would I back off if she’s not ????????

      She’s sticking up for my man when he’s mad at me but as soon as we’re all good he talks bad about her so whatever I guess ?

  19. I don’t know about the child touching accusations but I do know she has herpes I’ve seen messages between her and somebody regarding that however can’t say I know anything about the other stuff

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