The DR Army: Reese osgood cheats on her boyfriend cole all the time. She claims she’s 115 lbs but if she was she wouldn’t be fat like her sister. She’s the ugliest slut I’ve ever seen she spreads her legs for money when he ugly little boyfriend isn’t around and she lies straight thru her teeth. No one likes her and she barely has any friends cause her boyfriend is so controlling and abusive towards her it’s a good thing she doesn’t live in Medicine Hat anymore her entire family is a shit show and their all crazy I’m surprised Reese isn’t a drug addict like her sister and mom they are low life’s and none of them are going anywhere in their lives keep lying thru ur teeth Reese everyone who knows who you are knows the truth and ur just mad cause someone finally said it and ur mad cause ur boyfriend has left you for so many girls and has cheated on you your always crying and posting sad posts that no one but ur drug addict family cares about

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7 thoughts on “Reese stank pu$$y”

    1. Reese sucks d1ck

      This isnt april but this is definitely true sucks to he you and your family getting your dirty laundry aired out on here tho

      1. April Is Fatttttt

        April stfu you just mad that your little heart got destroyed once i got my man back, ever sense then you’ve been obsessed with me and my life like ur so obsessed it’s actually down bad embarrassing, Your ugly asf Just stfu Or let’s fight you pick oh wait your gonna run away again and cry to the cops

        1. April has better things to do then post about you sorry. But she wants nothing to do with you and Cole after everything

          1. April is obsessed with reese

            Stfu april stop pretending to be others when it’s literally yourself behind the screen, ur just mad and obsessed with me lmaooo ur such a pussy

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