THE DR ARMY: Here we have the one and only Roxana Caro. A product of complete failure. A no class low life with no morals, no dignity & absolutely no loyalty. For once in her life the tears you see in her swollen puffy eyes in this mug shot Photograph is real. She can’t fake these tears Like she normally does To manipulate people & situations and this is because karma has finally caught up to this trifling b****. It was all fun and games being grimy & lying her a55 off to steal my dude’s money from his house & vindictively make him lose his home. Lying to the cops and filing false restraining orders & police reports on several different occasions trying to put him in jail. Being a deadbeat mother that alienates & keeps an innocent child from being with his father. It was all fun & games but when the tables turn look at her now. Like that old proverb saying goes ” You reap what you sow “. Look at her theiving Hispanic a** all scared like a white girl & cryin lol. B**** ain’t built for this s***. She should have stayed in her Lane. Be that unfaithful. Cheating a** H*e. she can’t help but to be & kept it moving. But noooo She had to be a greedy petty Vindictive narcissist thinking she could steal & f*** over my dude and there would be no consequences. Big f****** mistake!!! Roxana Caro will always be her own undoing. No man can steal another man’s woman, but he certainly can steal his H*e !!. When you put too much pressure on a weak b****. She going to find a weak Ni**a She can go be comfortable with & that’s exactly what roxana caro did. Thinking her & that soft b**** a** married Ni**a she f****** Could steal from my fam With no consequences. one way or other there’s always consequences to ones grimy-ness. I hope Roxana Caro used her time wisely as she sat in that jail cell mad & blaming everyone but herself like a true naracissist. Hopefully thinking, reflecting & realizing that it was her greed, grimy, trifling, lying, deceitful, petty, vindictive character that put her there. Noone to blame but herself for making it come to this. It’s hilarious how some people think that they can just s*** on people without any repercussions. Again Proverbs ” you reap what you sow “. Just Look at her, as always folding under pressure & crying like the big a** scared baby that she truly is. She’s gutter trash always wondering around with her tail in the air looking for her next fuk & come up . kids take notes: This is what happens to you when you’re grimy to good people & when you allow a dirty scvmbag scamming ni**a to gas your head up to f*** over someone who’s always truly been there for you, despite yall differences. While Roxana Caro is sitting in that jail cell scared, cold, crying & eating that disgusting baloney sandwich Her piece of s*** scumbag so-call boyfriend is home f****** his wife as they both are looking & laughing at this mug shot. Dumb b****, a puppet on a string to a f****** n***** that would sell her out at the drop of a dime just as he’s done to her before. This mug shot picture brings great satisfaction & absolutely no sympathy cuz Roxana Caro is only getting what she deserves with much more to come !!!!!….

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