The DR Army: Rose Anne Omana, the most racist, self-serving, delusional Filipina you’ll ever meet. Can’t believe after so many reports of her bullying, spreading rumours, verbal abuse, and her racism towards patients has been ignored. Even rewarded. She’s so fake and ready to twist the story to make herself look like a victim of racism/abuse just so she can turn around and say slurs to other students, staff, and patients. She should NOT be a nurse. She is a FOUL and awful person. If you get her as a nurse in your future please request a new one especially if you are a person of colour. She chooses to create the chaos for fun and doesn’t care how it affects anyone’s life as long as she comes out on top.

Side note : Anyone that knows Rose Anne Omana and or her family know she has never been abused. She claims her mother and father beat her and ruined her career opportunities so she can create new/more opportunities for herself.

Mike: Whats the city so I can avoid getting sick there

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