The DR Army: Tiffany Yeh Typical Gold digger of Vancouver Dated a while back for a short short period. Couldn’t stand her being ao materialistic and high maintenance. Constantly on her phone and can’t keep up a conversation. I should of figured early as her dad works at ferrari in sales.

1 thought on “Tiffany Yeh is a gold digger realtor in Vancouver”

  1. Ohh Tiffany, I met this gem in a pub DT, told her everything she wanted to hear, I had money, property, expensive car’s, and when we walked out to the parking lot, she said she wanted to come home with me. So instead we had sex in the car with people walking by and after we were done, I told her I wasn’t feeling well and sent her on her way. Truth is, I have no money and needed to get up early for a job interview! LOL. This girl is lacking brains!

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