The DR Army: Watch out for this girl named Cara on Hinge/the dating apps

  • shes got a pic of her wearing a suit wjth no shirt on underneath, and a line about her not wanting biological kids, and having 120 plants, and being vegetarian
  • i was honest with her about us “not being good on paper” for each other (ie. because I want bio kids, am a carnivore) and then she got all butthurt, told me she has “3 degrees” and that i was “objectifying her” after i said she was hot
  • after i unmatched her, she got on the FB group and put me on blast
  • she also likely had her friend named Brittany (who I’ve never seen in my life) comment below my post and say that she was “97% sure i looked like a doppelganger of her friends ex that was physically abusive and coerced hee into sex”…… i havent had a single girlfriend in CHS the whole time ive lived here
  • luckily friends of mine in their group had my back and vouched for me but still… she had no problem trying to ruin my reputation over a super petty incompatibility

the Mods of the girls group did eventually take my post down, due to girls covering for me, so im in the clear now👍🏼 still though, watch out for petty girls like this one

Swipe Left on Cara

Mike: Bullet points make the post very organized. Thank you.

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